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“In my youth, I screwed up a lot of things, and that had a big influence on me – on one hand I missed out a lot, wanted to be cool, on the other hand this also shaped me, because I realised that I can do so much more!”

Mustafa Miljkovic, aka Nes100pro, has been making art all his life. Professionally, however, he has been calling himself an artist for only two years.

The idea of bringing his creative existence up to the surface and doing what he really wants to do motivated him to find a way to make a living out of art. He enjoys to realise his visions, taking them from drawings into the digital world. For him, creativity is freedom. Freedom to express himself in different artistic ways. Furthermore, Mustafa’s interest in music made him further unfold his artistic expression.

3D art brings it all together for him. It was digital art that gave him his greatest challenges and offered him endless possibilities for self-expression. It all started when as a musician he was looking for a visualizer, someone who could visually represent his music in the video form. Producing music videos was too expensive and he lacked the necessary equipment, such as a professional camera. What Mustafa had was a PC and with it he started using “After Effects” to produce 2D drawings and moving footage. However, Mustafa soon found 2D too limiting and this is how he got more involved with 3D. With the open source program “Blender”, he started learning the art of 3D. He dedicated his time in learning from tutorials and this enabled him to enhance his skills and quickly he started getting a sense of achievement again and again throughout this process.

For Mustafa, digital art has the same value as other classical art forms, such as painting. What counts the most is that something is created out of passion. But the brilliant difference for him is the fact that with digital art you can create other dimensions,that are infinite. “It fascinates me that there are no creative limits, whether surreal or realistic, art is and remains agile. Digital art deserves the same recognition as classical art forms,” says Mustafa, who is pleased that digital art now has collectors and that there are people who are interested in his art. The world of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) allows him to protect his digital works and put them on a comparable level with physical artworks. These digital artworks officially exist only once and cannot be multiplied. But what is the most important for Mustafa, is gaining recognition from people and making people happy with his artwork.

“An image can be created pretty quickly or it can also take several hours to days.”

For elaborated implementations, like animations or simulations of elements such as water or smoke, Mustafa needs several days. He first researches the topic before starting to work on an image. If the implementation needs to be as realistic as possible, a project can sometimes take several months. His favorite project is the most recent one: “Rona’s Hand,” his own NFT collection, which was a completely independent creation. “Rona’s Hand” is a collection of 32 individual pieces that are sold on the NFT market, via cryptocurrency. These unique pieces can be bought, collected and resold on digital platforms.
“Rona’s Hand” was created during Corona and depicts hands in different looks. Inspired by the safety measures, Mustafa shows hands with protective gloves and embellishes them with jewelry and surreal shapes. It is a tribute to the people who want to keep their personality despite the limiting health measures that need to be respected.

“For me, completing a project is the greatest joy, the best feeling you can have, like a birthday. You’ve managed to implement something the way you imagined it,” he says. For him, this sense of achievement is important to keep on working and keep his motivation high.

He discovered his talent early on. Originally, Mustafa started with graffiti, but he was never able to really live out this passion. His time as a teenager was not easy and had a big impact on him. He feels he slept through many opportunities and missed out on a lot. It was only later, from the age of 20 onwards, that he found his way into the digital art world and was immediately filled with enthusiasm. As Mustafa learned to appreciate his field of work, he is giving his 100% every day.

He would like to expand his team “Blackcat”, the free international collective that Mustafa initiated with over 30 artists. The goal is to connect even more people and promote creative collaboration. “I want to motivate people to fulfill their dreams and make a living from art.”

“What Positively Egoistic® means for me is focusing on myself, doing what is good for me, what is important to me… So that I can also perform more and have energy to help others.”


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