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Tamara Aharon has created her own universe with Molokai Jewelry. A universe that is spatially just under 15m2 in size. In her shop on Gr√ľngasse in Zurich, the jewelry designer presents her own collections.

Since 2016, Tamara has been designing handmade jewelry in a minimalist, graphic and timeless design – for eternity. It is important to her that her jewelry is fair and sustainable. What she does not make herself is cast in Europe from recycled sterling silver or gold according to her molds. Care is taken to ensure the highest precision and quality.

“I love the personal customer contact and the beautiful encounters and stories that come about through Molokai. It touches me very much every time, for example, a love is sealed, or a proposal is made with one of my rings.”

She has arrived and is grateful to be able to do what she loves to do. From the first sketches of her jewelry to the interior design and the website. Tamara does everything herself. In her studio, located in the back room of the shop, she creates everything that belongs to Molokai. “The nice thing is, there are no limits to what I can do,” she says. Her drive is to have a vision and trust in it. To follow her own path and not listen to society about whether something is right or wrong. “It’s my time, my space, my world.”